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Scott Typaldos was born in Switzerland in 1977. Coming from a filmmaking background, he turned to photography at the end of his studies in 2001. His first active years were dedicated to diary and intimate projects. In 2005, his documentary on oil searchers in Gabon shifted his focus outside of his close circle. Since 2010, he has been extensively photographing and researching the topic of mental illness through his long term project called “Butterflies”. Scott Typaldos’s work has been awarded and shown in numerous countries. Since 2013 he has been a member of the Prospekt photo agency based in Milan.





Barcelona International Photo Awards 2016 (winner)

Il Reportage photo award 2016 (winner)

Melbourne Photo award 2016 (finalist)

Lugano Photo days 2015: (1st place)

Athens Photo Festival 2013,2015 (Shortlisted)

Sony World Photography 2015 Awards (1st place in contemporary issues category)

Swiss Photo award 2014 (winner in the reportage section)

Burn grant 2013 (shortlisted)

Photocrati fund (4th place)

Suture Gomma Book (5th place)

Foto Visura Grant 2013 (honorary mention)

Prix Roger Pic 2012 (finalist)

International Photography Awards 2012 (Honorary Mention)

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz grant 2012 (Shortlisted)

Proof Award 2012 (1st place)

PGB Photo Awards 2012 (3rd place in General news section)

Photo Espana 2012 (selected for descubrimientos)





2018= Internation month of Photojournalism (Padova)

2016= Il Reportage award, Rome

2016= on Bipolarity with Synapsis, Lausanne

2016= International Photo awards, Barcelona

2016= Boutographie, Montpellier

2016= Swiss Photo Awards, Zurich

2015= Lugano Photo Days awards, Lugano

2015= Delhi Photo Festival

2015= Sony awards (sommerset house) London

2014: Projection with Coil Magazine, Athens

2014: Head on Festival Australia, Sidney

2014= Encontros da Imagem, Braga

2014= Swiss Photo Awards, Zurich

2013= Delhi Photo Festival 2013

2013: Head on Festival Australia, Sidney

2013= Carnem / with Prospekt agency, Milan

2012= Aleppo 11th International Photo festival

2007= "Soyons Ici", Brussels

2006= Winterkleuren, Brussels

2006= Fondation Deutsch, Lausanne

2006= Paprika, Brussels

2006= Espace Caméléon, Brussels

2006= Quarantaine, Bruxelles, Belgium

2001= “Crying 99” New York

2000= “street scenes”Lewan, Boston

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